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Director Professional Services

  • Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
Business Security

Job description

About Northwave

From our headquarters in Utrecht, we have been providing 24*7 cybersecurity services for over 17 years. We not only look at the technology, but also at the human behavior within the organization and thus provide integral security services. Organizations that take their cyber security seriously therefore like to work with us. We take the complexity of security management out of their hands, but they remain in control.

We are a fast-growing organization of 250+ employees, which is the market leader in the field of information security. Our 100% self-financed European company has the mission to make high-quality integral information security accessible to organizations that depend on their digital business. Northwave stands for diversity, inclusivity, quality and long-term relationships.

The Unit

The Professional Security Services unit currently consists of about 50 colleagues. They are divided into three teams, each with their own specialization, but who work closely together. Both the unit and the teams are growing rapidly and have team members with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. They carry out advisory projects, training courses, simulations or implementations on a daily basis. These are aimed on the one hand at gaining insight into the situation and preventing cyber attacks and on the other hand they help to reduce the impact of a cyber attack by making organizations resilient and resilient. We do this by means of various forms of red teaming, organizing security and privacy management, implementing and controlling measures and by bringing the maturity of the crisis and resilience organization to a higher level. As a result, the unit as a whole contributes to gaining control of cyber risks, preventing them, but also ensuring more effective and faster response and recovery times during a cyber attack at customers.

As Director Professional Security Services you will take on the following challenges:

  • To further professionalize the three different teams, to let them work together even better and to strengthen each other integrally from the different expertises.
  • To jointly develop and expand the services that focus on delivering projects and consultancy advice in the field of information security.
  • You will ensure more visibility in the market with relevant, appropriate solutions and use your experience, network and innovative thinking to do so.
  • In doing so, you will be able to constantly create new opportunities to keep up with the market demand for cybersecurity solutions, which will strengthen Northwave's position as a trusted cybersecurity partner.
  • You will work with the management team to deliver high quality, with customer satisfaction being the top priority.

What do we expect from you?

  • You are a real people manager.
  • A highly motivated, business-minded professional with creativity, a pro-active attitude, team player and someone with project management skills to lead this unit.
  • You have a cybersecurity background and a good understanding of the complex and ever-evolving cyber threats facing organizations worldwide.
  • You are able to create a clear and ambitious strategic vision for professional security services, focused on growth and achieving market leadership in cybersecurity assignments.
  • You facilitate and inspire the managers within your team to constantly develop themselves, to think together about smart combinations of services and projects and how they can continue to think ahead in the changing market and the associated customer demands.
  • Effective leadership without constant pressure to perform and with preservation of autonomy and trust.
  • You are responsible for the strategic and tactical annual planning of the unit, and for organizing the support needed for your unit to realize your plans for growth and external visibility.
  • You provide overview and insight into the (financial) figures and targets and are able to substantiate them carefully.
  • You are able to see in time when and how you also need to adjust to disappointing results.
  • You take an active role in the P&L responsibility, with the emphasis on realizing sustainable and profitable growth.
  • With your unit you constantly contribute to the realization of cross- and upsell towards our integral managed services from the added value for the customer. This cross-over is inevitable in how the collaboration between the units can be optimized.
  • You ensure optimal deployment of employees throughout the unit. This is not only about hours, but also about the right person in the right place who enjoys working for the customer on a daily basis. Happy employees make for happy customers. After all, you also guarantee the quality of our services and play an active role in making this quality transparent and structurally improving it.
  • You actively seek cooperation with other European teams within Northwave, so that we can jointly fulfill our international mission.
  • Within the framework of the general marketing, product development and commercial Group strategy, you constantly seek cooperation with the Marketing, Sales and Innovation departments to realize the visibility and further growth of professional security services.
  • You work closely with the Director responsible for Managed Security Services and report to the General Manager of the Benelux.

Job requirements

  • Are you a real entrepreneur and are you enthusiastic about this profile and do you see yourself in this role contributing to the further expansion of our consultancy branch within Europe?
  • Have you been working for a while (minimum 8 years) and have you experienced different companies and types of services?
  • Do you have extensive work experience in the field of cybersecurity (minimum 2-5 years) or a field with a similar complexity?
  • Do you have a genuine interest in both the technical, organizational and human aspects of information security?
  • Have you led managers for at least a few years, where you:
    • Built and expanded a team and led different teams?
    • Determined and communicated the strategy for this?
    • Led Security professionals and consultants?
    • Been able to achieve growth not only internally, but also externally within the European market?
  • Do you speak and write fluently in Dutch and English?
  • Do you set a clear vision and do you know how to implement it?
  • Are you able to constantly translate developments in the field into smart solutions for our customers and challenge your team members on this?
  • Are you able to constantly show added value to our customers?


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+31 6 45 880 490

  • Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
Business Security


  • Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
Business Security