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Incident Responder - Forensics Specialist

  • Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
€3,200 - €5,000 per monthCERT

Job description

What you do

Are you prepared to tackle cybersecurity's toughest challenges? Join our CERT team as an Incident Responder and safeguard our clients' digital domains from emerging threats. Step up and make an impact!

As an Incident Responder, you play a crucial role in assisting clients in overcoming security incidents efficiently. Your primary responsibility involves responding to emergency calls and providing on-site support to help the organization get back to business, as quickly and securely as possible.

Every day presents unique challenges for an Incident Responder. When alerted by our emergency line, you swiftly mobilize with a specialized team equipped with CERT cases and forensic tools, arriving at the client's site within a few hours. Upon arrival, you identify and assess the extent of the security incident. Suppose, for instance, customer accounts have been compromised, and sensitive data has been exfiltrated. In such cases, your team works diligently to mitigate further damage, secure evidence, and compile detailed reports for legal proceedings. Your duties extend beyond containment and remediation; you collaborate with clients to implement tailored security measures, ensuring their swift return to business.

While each day presents unique challenges, the time between incidents offers opportunities for personal development, process refinement and knowledge sharing within our team and with cyber security experts from other departments.

The team

Join our dynamic CERT team with skilled Incident Responders, coordinators, and leaders committed to continuous improvement. Collaborate on-site with cross-functional teams, dedicated to resolving client-specific challenges. Share insights and expertise to strengthen our collective capabilities, serving clients across Europe.

You enjoy

  • Delving into the details of complex cyber investigations
  • Thriving under pressure and piecing together digital challenges
  • Leading forensic analysis in response to security incidents
  • Adapting to the dynamic nature of cybersecurity threats and investigations
  • Contributing to a culture of continuous learning and improvement

What you can expect

  • Macbook, iPhone and lease car
  • A market-based salary, depending on your knowledge and experience ranging between €3200 and €5000 per month.
    • Duty allowance
    • 200% allowance outside working hours.
  • 25 vacation days
  • Good pension scheme
  • Company-wide courses and individual training opportunities to further develop yourself
  • More than 250 passionate colleagues to work with and learn from 
  • Fun Northwave events and parties, look here on our work page for an overview

Job requirements

  • 3+ years of experience in Cyber Security with a focus on digital forensics
  • Analytical and methodical approach to problem-solving
  • Language proficiency: Fluent in English
  • Experience with forensic software and techniques
  • Solid understanding of cybersecurity principles and technology

Preferred Knowledge

  • Extensive experience with digital forensics tools and methodologies
  • Familiarity with network infrastructure and security solutions
  • Proficiency in incident response and forensic analysis on various operating systems
  • Capability to guide clients through the complexity of post-incident recovery
  • Advising on and implementing security hardening measures


What is important to you in your next step? We would love to hear from you and would like to talk to you. For more information, apply directly or contact Julia.


+31 6 22076149

  • Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
€3,200 - €5,000 per month


  • Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
€3,200 - €5,000 per month